UTP is the premier independent supplier of PT6, PW100, & PW500 turbine engines and components worldwide.

We provide sales and exchanges on a wide variety of engine models and on serviceable turbine engine parts. We are certified to AS9120, ASA-100 and ISO9001 in order to meet the requirements of FAA AC 00-56, providing the highest quality and full documentation to support installation.

Available Engines:

All available immediately for Sale/Exchange

PW118, serial AA0023
PW118, serial AA0030
PW118, serial AA0033
PW118, serial AP0045
PW119, serial 116026
PW119, serial 116040
PW119, serial AB0037
PW121, serial 120675
PW121, serial 120298
PW127, serial EA0088
PW127, serial EA0139
PW305, serial CA0223
PW305, serial CA0224
PW530, serial DA0037
PW530, serial DA0088
PW530, serial DA0089


Jeff Raines